“Cameras Out” Grant Recipient, Summer 2020 

Yong Love is a memoir of garden-to-table, family heirloom recipes that I learned from my mother’s side of the family – The Yongs. 

It stems from a concept in korean called Jeong (정). Jeong is the type of love that you see in the everyday, the quiet moments. You don’t need to see to feel it. I have been immersed in their love — their jeong — ever since I was a small child. I remember always coming home with jars of kimchi and armfuls of flowers, with roots and all, so we could replant them at home. This project is an expression of jeong, and my way of expressing it is through reimagining the food I grew up on.

One of the greatest gifts I inherited from the Yongs is understanding the value of growing your own food and the art of home-cooking. My grandparents grow 80% of what they eat all from their home garden, sharing their bounty and breaking bread within our family and our community at large.

It's empowered me to live holistically through honoring my culture and the Earth. YONG LOVE is in part – a memoir dedicated to my grandparents and a living record of garden-to-table heirloom recipes to hopefully inspire you... To try something new, find common ground, cook up something hearty for people you care for, and stay curious about where your food comes from.

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